The Coffee Enema

Now before this title sends you running for the hills, stop and understand what this is all about, The Biochemistry of the Coffee Enema. This is a method of helping the body to detox. “When food sits in the colon, it rots and putrefies and releases toxins into the bloodstream that make their way to the liver.  The liver does its best to cleanse and purify the bloodstream, but when the gut continues to release toxins it creates an excessive burden on the body.  This eventually leads to a state of disease as the body is accumulating more toxins than it can remove.” While this post is about the ‘how-tos’ of the coffee enema, please see HERE to read more about why to do them. Article excerpt taken from by Dr. Jockers website.

If you aren’t ready to ‘do it yourself’ yet, then look for a local colonic practitioner to gain comfort and confidence with the physical procedure, then tackle this ‘at home’ version. The coffee enema is different than the water-based colonic as it triggers the liver to produce/release glutathione (the good version the body produces) which is the body’s number one antioxidant. The colonic is water-based, but goes deeper into the colon to loosen and clear old material stuck on the walls of the colon. Both have their benefits and should be used, but since a colonic is administered to you, it may be the easier route to start with. Even during my sickest times when I was using the CEs daily, I would still go in for a colonic every few months to get the deeper toxins out.

Once you are ready to move forward with the coffee enema at home, you will need to purchase these products:

  1. First you need the coffee. Yes, there is a special kind used, but in a pinch go for a organic, light roast. Here is what I suggest: Enema Coffee. IF you are caffeine sensitive you can perform these steps, just sub in organic, chamomile flowers instead of coffee grounds.
  2. Next is the enema bag. Do not buy just any enema bag from the drug store, it must be BPA & Phthalates free, non-toxic silicone. Here is one I suggest: Enema Bag. You could also use an enema bucket, but I have no personal experience with them.
  3. The Red Tube. It seems daunting, but it is softer and more effective than the tips included with the bag package. Found here.
  4. Digital thermometer like this. You need the liquid mixture to be at body temperature and never hotter than 110 degrees.
  5. Activated Charcoal for binding toxins.
  6. Glass Mason jars like these. At least 2.
  7. Fractionated coconut oil like this.
  8. Whatever brand of chemical free baby or hand wipes you prefer.
  9. Distilled Water. (I have also used my Berkey Water).
  10. Hydrogen Peroxide for cleaning. Put some from the bottle into a spray bottle too.
  11. Optional: Massager. Something with a flat, wide head attachment will work.

Due to the effects of caffeine, it is recommended to do these first thing in the morning. First boil 1 to 2 mason jars worth of distilled water. I use my electric kettle. While that boils, put 2 tsp (and up to 4 TBSP – start slow and work up) of coffee grinds into one of the mason jars. Fill the mason jar with the boiling hot distilled water. Let sit for at least 20 minutes. CAREFULLY remove the lid after time is up. Pour off all the liquid into a second mason jar. Throw out the grinds and thoroughly rinse that jar. Pour off the liquid in the second jar back into the first just to be sure you have left behind any remaining coffee grounds (you don’t want grounds to make it into your enema bag). Now, sure you are clear of grounds, half the liquid in your two mason jars. Using the thermometer to watch the temp, add room-temp distilled water to your jars to get to 102-ish degrees. If you need to add some room-temp and some boiled water to achieve the right temp, that is fine.

Now take your two mason jars to the restroom with you. Ideally these are performed after a bowel-movement, but if you are having issues, then administer a 32-oz water (with a tsp of pink salt) enema first. You will administer all enemas in your bath tub. Your bag should hang from a towel bar or shower head near your tub. The first time you use your bag, you should remove any tips that are already attached and attach your red tube to the white plastic end. You can also remove any filtering sections from the tube, you just need straight tube from the bag-to the red tube. DO leave the white clip in place on the ‘red tube end’ of the line just BEFORE the white valve. Rinse your bag and tubing out with very hot water before your first use.

When you are ready to start the coffee enema, pour 1 mason jar of coffee into the enema bag. Be sure the white clip was locked closed so you don’t lose your liquid before you are ready. Hop into the tub. Release the white clip to allow liquid to flow and allow all the air caught in the line to escape. Clip shut as soon as the air passes the line. Use a wipe to ensure your area is clean. Use coconut oil to lube the red tube and your area. Insert an inch or so of the tube and start to release the clip so liquid can slowly release from your enema bag. As the liquid starts to flow you can further insert the red tube. You can insert the red tube as far as comfortable. Allow all the liquid to release and the removed the red tube while retaining the coffee liquid. Use a wipe to clean off the tube. Stay laying in the tub for up to 15 minutes or as long as you can retain the liquid. It takes time to build up to retaining for 15 minutes so don’t be discouraged in the beginning. You can use the flat head of the massage wand to help subdue any stomach cramps. After 15 minutes hop up to the toilet and release the liquid. Sit for a few minutes as the liquid may want to release in waves. When you feel expelled, then repeat with your second mason jar. As you improve on retaining the liquid, you may get out of the tub and lie on a towel on the floor – rotating between lying on your back, right side and left side.

Remember that when you do coffee enemas you are also triggering the release of adrenaline in the body and that you need to always support the organs working hard to help you detox. I recommend nettle tea to guard against adrenal fatigue. I brew mine in a glass jar with boiled berkey water for 24hrs, then strain and drink over ice. You must also replace and renew the electrolytes and minerals you depleted from the body with 8oz of fresh, green juice for each coffee enema performed. Therefore if you followed my directions and performed 2 – 32oz CEs then you need to drink at least 16 oz of fresh, green juice following the coffee enemas. Lastly it is important to remember to BIND! After you finish your CEs, take 2 activated charcoal. If you feel achy later in the day, take two more.

Did you know that the Coffee Enema was included in the Merck Manual until the 12th edition was last published in Aug of 1973? When asked why it was removed, the company stated, “They needed to make room for more current, modern therapies.”

Should you be interested, enemas are an ancient and significant part of Ayurveda therapies and can include lemon-water enemas (for a gentle cleanse), probiotic enemas (for rebuilding gut flora), ACV enemas (for the candida reduction), Frankincense enemas (for the protection of the colon) and Chlorophyll enemas (for heavy metal reduction)

While I have performed well over 500 coffee (and other) enemas on myself and received the recommendation of this treatment from my wellness clinic, you MUST listen your body. Trust it. Your instinct is right. Start small, slow and easy if you are fearful and stop at any point. Most alternative practitioners are familiar with this process and can offer guidance. The use of coffee in enemas for detoxification purposes is well known. It is a common herbological remedy that has been suggested by holistic and alternative medicine professionals for many years. Warning: This piece is for informational purposes only, and is not intended to be medical advice. Some medical authorities consider this a dangerous procedure. Proceed with caution and use your own good judgement.

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