Juicing & Milking Products

When juicing, you need a masticating, slow juicer like this one by Omega or this larger output one by Omega. If you use a centrifuge juicer the heat from the motor destroys the photonutrients and enzymes from the fruits and vegetables.

When you can’t make fresh juice, a dehydrated form of fruit and veggies that you can just add water back to is the next best option. The best quality (organic, non-gmo, no added sugars or fillers) and most economical source I have found is Kencko. Check them out here and save 10% on your first order.

If you are moving away from mucous-producing animal milks and toward anti-inflammatory plant-based milks, then consider a milk maker. These are far more cost effective for pure nut, oat or seed based milk without the fillers and preservatives.

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