Energy Connection to Emotions

While I am excited to share my knowledge and insight on Rife therapy, food, PEMF, homeopathy and more; the one thing these all have in common is frequency and there is a connection to your emotions too. Ideally, while we are improving your physical body with the above-mentioned modalities, we are also addressing your emotional state to get you to your highest good.

The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system.” -Gary Craig.

I personally enjoy using and sharing the techniques of Emotional Release (ER) and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

With Emotional Release, also known as emotion coding, we are using muscle testing to connect with the subconscious. Through that connection, we are able to identify and release trapped emotions. I prefer to use a tool, such as the pendulum, versus the traditional body parts in muscle testing.

With EFT, also known as tapping, we are using the hands to tap on meridian points to influence the subtle electrical energies that run through the body.

Energy medicine is based on the ancient meridian system and believes a block in the free flow of energy through the meridians can cause all manner of illness and negative emotions. It believes that if you correct the root problem the energy block, balance and wellness return to the individual. It draws on the principle of an energy force within the body that can be realigned and rebalanced to work correctly.

We all think we know what we need to do to be happier, healthier and more successful. We should exercise more, eat healthier, address stress, think positively, have goals and plans, be more mindful, meditate, breathe more, drink less, stop smoking, stop drinking, etcetera, etcetera. While we all recognise that these things would help, we don’t necessarily do them. Why not? It’s not because we are lazy, stupid, bad or ignorant. It’s because we have energy blocks caused by the way we have packaged our life experiences.

“Even though I’ve got this <pain>, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

-EFT Techniques

Some of us even understand that negative emotions from our past affect our actions in the present. We may fully recognise that the way our parents or teachers treated us as children impacts the way we feel about ourselves today. Yet this knowledge doesn’t necessarily translate to a change in behavior because we can still react emotionally and irrationally. The knowledge of why we do what we do does not necessarily help us to stop doing it. EFT and ER are like the missing links, the life ring in a sea of emotional pain.

“I’m letting go of this <pain> now.”

-EFT Techniques

I do not treat or diagnose psychological issues, I simply look at where imbalance exists mind-body-soul and use my tools and knowledge to help you rebalance you.

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