Dallas Healing Getaway

My beautiful and talented friend, Carla, built Water Roost! Water roost is a charming, spa inn located on the Southside of Dallas off Kessler Lake Dr. Her newest feature is this salt-water, sensory deprivation tank and rain showers with healing blue light. Coordinate with me to make this a truly personalized, healing getaway. We can incorporate overnight Rife sets, daytime detox baths, float tank sessions, mediation over the water view, naps on the PEMF mat, emotional release therapy and a complete electrodermal screening! Take time to address your issues, chronic or acute and set yourself up for success this year! 2 night minimum for overnights with my services. 3-nights recommended. Longer stays available for chronic, severe issues. Recommended occupancy for 1 adult. Take this time for YOU! #2020 #4Year #HeartHealingYear 

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