How I Work

As a holistic healer to help you create connection of mind-body-soul for dis-ease free living.

I believe keeping ourselves healthy and whole looks like a triangle. It is the trifecta of uniting Mental (emotion) – Spirit (stillness) – Physical (reduction in pathogen load).

  • Mental – Start with releasing trapped inherited emotions, heart emotions and past emotional traumas. Learn the techniques to feel emotions, but keep them flowing. Support your growth with regularly employing EFT and ER. Once learned, these techniques can be used regularly at home by oneself. I encourage my clients to learn these techniques during our sessions, as one empowered with tools is much more successful with maintaining a dis-ease state.
  • Spirit – Start with making time for yourself. Learn the importance of stillness. Most of us have busy minds and lives, but it is through stillness that we can hear our own intuition clearer and make a deeper connection to spirit/source/God. You can start or renew yourself anytime with one of my special ‘meditation naps‘. I can share some great sources for learning meditation. You could also start with a practice like Yoga, especially Yin Yoga or Yoga Nidra. These last two are much slower, stretching and meditative practices and force you to SLOW DOWN. There is much power in the ability to remain calm, cool and collective and LISTEN to one’s self. This is where joy, love, and gratitude start to bloom.
  • Physical – Overall our objective with the body is to lower one’s pathogen load. Pathogens can be in the form of viruses, bacteria, parasites, toxins like heavy metals, pesticides and more. I like to use EDS to get an overall picture of where you are at and where blockages exist. Then I like to use Rife sessions to lower pathogenic levels that may be connected to these imbalances and re-balance out-of-alignment frequencies. All the while giving you the knowledge to keep yourself in balance through the use of food and occasional homeopathy or herbal tincture.

I do not treat or diagnose disease, I simply look at where imbalance exists mind-body-soul and use my tools and knowledge to help you rebalance you.

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