The Meridian System

“Same Disease – Different Treatment : Same Treatment – Different Disease”

-Traditional Chinese Medicine

The Meridian System is a circuit of channels throughout the body where chi or universal energy flows. There are 20 meridians; 12 main and eight minor that run up and down the body. Energy flows along these pathways continuously, with this one channel broken up into different sections representing different organs in the body. Meridians are mirrored symmetrically on either side of the body, except for the conception vessel which runs centrally down the front and the governing vessel which runs centrally down the back.

There are 359 standard acupuncture body points but according to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), there are about 2,000 points in all. All of these points are on the surface of the body and are connected to the various meridians. Acupuncture developed over many centuries from meticulous and empirical observation and
is believed to be at least 2,000 years old. It is an incredibly complex system where each point is considered to have a different effect on the energy that passes through it when stimulated. This, in turn, influences the internal organs and the balance of energies in the body.

Acupuncture points are like amplifiers along a power cable and meridians are the electrical conductors carrying messages around the body. When the flow of messages is weakened or interrupted, this imbalance shows up as dis-ease. Western medicine is very much chemically based but it is now accepted that our entire nervous system works on electrical impulses and that the electric field is intimately linked to the healing process. Hence the success of of modalities like EDS, Emotional Release/Tapping, RIFE and Homeopathy!

Karate Chop Point – Small Intestine Meridian

Addresses: psychological reversal, inability to let go or change, sadness, vulnerability, anxiety, obsessions and compulsions.

Supports: ability to move forward, connect with the present and let go of old patterns and grief.

Eyebrow Point – Bladder Meridian, Stomach Meridian

Addresses: frustration, shock, sorrow, impatience, agitation, fear, anxiety, hopelessness

Supports: peace and hope

Side of Eye Point – Triple Warmer Meridian, Gall Bladder Meridian, Small Intestine

Addresses: rage, anger, resentment, fear of change, muddled thinking, and
judgmental attitude.

Supports: Clarity, compassion, tolerance and kindness.

Under the Eye Point – Stomach Meridian

Addresses: fear, anxiety, meaninglessness, obsessive worry, nervousness, and disappointment.

Supports: contentment, calm and security.

Under Nose Point – Governing Meridian, Large Intestine Meridian

Addresses: embarrassment, powerlessness, shame, guilt, grief, fear of failure, the need to control or hold on and psychological reversals.

Supports: self-acceptance, self-empowerment, compassion for self and others.

Chin Point – Central or Conception Meridian, Stomach Meridian

Addresses: confusion, uncertainty, shame, embarrassment, vulnerability and second-guessing.

Supports: clarity, focus, security, confidence, self-acceptance and the feeling of being grounded.

Collarbone Point – Kidney Meridian

Addresses: psychological reversal, feeling stuck, indecision, worry, and general stress.

Supports: Ease in moving forward, confidence, and clarity.

Under Arm Point – Spleen Meridian

Addresses: guilt, obsessing, worry, hopelessness, insecurity, inability to assimilate and poor self-esteem.

Supports: Clarity, confidence, relaxation, self-compassion and compassion for others.

Top of Head – Governing Meridian

Addresses: the inner critic, the monkey mind that produces scattered thinking and lack of focus, lack of courage to move to forward.

Supports: reconnecting spiritually, insight, focus, wisdom, intuition, spiritual discernment, clarity, consolidation of new learning.

All information provided here is intended for educational not medical purposes. Please consult your medical professional for medical advise.

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