Journey Back to Vitality

Aug 18th, 2019

My journey started late in the Summer of 2014 while we were living outside of Dallas on Lake Texoma. I was clicking through Netflix one Sunday afternoon and decided to watch GMO OMG. Before watching that documentary, I had NO IDEA what a GMO was or how our food supply was being so terribly destroyed. Up to that point, I lived like most Americans….stressed from work, sought the short-term highs of shopping, enjoyed the wine and booze escape, bought and ate just about anything sold at the local chain restaurant, Wal-Mart or Kroger and started the next day with a giant sugary coffee. In all honesty, I just lived the life I was told to live…what I now call ‘in the box.’

After that first documentary I think I watched every other food related documentary on Netflix and finished by purging my entire kitchen. I decided that I would change my food habits to a Paleo-Primal diet that consisted of grass-fed beef, organic/antibiotic free chicken, farm-fresh eggs, heritage/nitrate free pork products and more organic vegetables. I steered clear of bread/wheat products, fast-food and boxed/processed foods. I also weaned myself off of caffeine and coffee. Why? Because I noticed that when the coffee/caffeine wore off the ‘hanrgy’ food cravings came back with a vengeance. I started by using small doses of caffeinated teas and gradually switched to caffeine-free herbal teas. While I didn’t make these food changes because I wanted to lose weight (rather I didn’t want to eat frankenfood), I did lose about 30 pounds.

Over the next several months as the weight fell off my skin cleared up, my energy improved, but I still couldn’t sleep through the night. In the new year, we took up a residence back in Dallas and split our time between the lake and the city. It was great to be back around so many healthy food options and I decided to join a gym. I took advantage of an offer to meet with a trainer and decided to do a food sensitivity test performed via a blood test.

Food Sensitivity from Spring of 2015

As you can see I was already on the right diet track for what my body needed at that time. I used this screening to further eliminate most dairy products and eggs. I did continue to consume corn products but only if they were non-gmo/organic. As 2015 went on, I had a neighbor and friend that was equally interested in food and she also re-introduced me to essential oils. I had dabbled with them in the early 2000s and had a very small, neglected stash, but soon refreshed my supply. We started making products together like salves, scrubs, toothpaste and home cleaners.

Up to this point in my life, I had only really used three types of doctors:

  • A primary care physician that I never saw unless I got an acute infection for which many times he didn’t even have me visit his office, rather he would call in an antibiotic to the local pharmacy on my behalf.
  • A dermatologist that froze off sun spots or cut off moles and had me on a low-dose of antibiotic for cystic acne that never cleared up until I cleaned up my diet by going Paleo/Primal.
  • An OBGYN that had delivered my son and saw me for my annual gynecological visits. This was who I primarily discussed any health concerns with.

The very beginning of my ‘losing faith’ in MDs started when I questioned one of my doctors about GMOs. I naively thought he would be excited and supportive of my discovery and diet changes, but conversely he laughed and told me, “No, no GMOs are completely safe and helping us feed people all over the world.” Wow! How could he make that claim when there is no scientific consensus on the safety of GMOs? When it comes to our (and the world’s) health, shouldn’t we err on the side of caution? The reality is there are no credible, independent long-term feeding studies that prove the safety of GMOs. We are at the mercy of the large agricultural companies. For now, we are their guinea pigs, our farmers their prisoners and our food supply and farm lands forever adulterated. Thanks to GMO products, we ingest more chemical-based pesticides than ever before. Did we not learn our lesson with DDT? Whether he didn’t know it, acknowledge it or care, I expected more from someone I trusted with my health concerns. More on GMOs here.

I should also mention while I made all these changes to my eating habits, I also made changes to my drinking habits. I started drinking alcohol in my early 20’s and over the years it just became a part of my everyday life. I drank beer, wine, liquor and in 2015 when I went Paleo/Primal decided that I would improve my quality of alcohol too. I thought going to a clean organic vodka with a low/no calorie OR unsweetened fruit juice mixer would be the least harmful to my health. In 2015, I also quit any drinks that included high-fructose corn syrup, caramel or artificial colorings or GMO beet sugar.

As 2015 progressed and turned into 2016, I continued to enjoy my food successes, but ultimately hit a plateau of food boredom and regression. Unhealthy food choices and allowing too much ‘busy-ness’ into my life had me to turning to a daily alcoholic beverage for relief. One week over the Christmas holiday late 2016, a documentary was airing called ‘The Truth About Cancer‘ and I decided to watch all 9 hours. This is where my passion for alternative health took root and I discovered all those that came before me, like Gerson, Mercola and Hulda Clark. This was also the week when I had to pick my jaw up off the floor and redefine my life again. NO WAY was I going to stay living ‘in the box’ just to inevitably wind up with cancer. I felt freshly armed with knowledge about the medical industry in America and how down right evil big pharma truly is. I was primed for an overhaul once again.

While this is a whole other topic and the subject of my other blog, Craft The Mind, I also asked myself if our food supply is being ruined and our medical system is corrupt, why do I trust our educational system? I bought tickets for a local homeschooling convention coming to town the next month and began pursuing information. The day I was at the convention, I received a phone call from my mother in the hospital that she had been given a diagnosis of cancer specifically stomach and duodenum cancer and cirrhosis of the liver. When we asked the oncologist what her diet should look like, she replied, ‘Oh, just how she has been eating.’ Wow, just Wow! Another MD with no nutritional healing insight or advice. Thankfully I was fresh off the ‘Truth About Cancer’ series and knew my mother could not pursue traditional methods or stay on SAD (Standard American Diet). Again thankfully she was in agreement to pursue alternative therapies.

I started with a site called Cancer Tutor where I learned to start my research with her type of cancer. She started the Budwig-Cellect diet/protocols and stopped drinking alcohol. Over the next 30-60 days she improved significantly. Had healthy weight loss, had energy return, and reduced if not eliminated many symptoms that put her in the hospital to begin with. She did well for months until she started regularly consuming alcohol again. In the end what stole her life was her addiction to alcohol and the disease finally consumed her body when she passed in December of 2018.

Not long after her diagnosis in the Spring of 2017, I started having pain under my rib cage on the right side. I spoke to one of my 3 doctors about it and he dismissed it as intestinal gas. Later that spring, I made a trip to the ER and received a diagnosis of gallstones. I was presented with one option at the hospital which was to have my gallbladder surgically removed. Side effects of the surgery? IBS anytime you consume fried, oily foods. Increased chances of intestinal cancers. Stones forming in the liver. I declined and opted to research natural solutions. During my research on my mom’s behalf, I had learned of a protocol called Gerson Therapy which has been successfully used by many diagnosed with cancer and advanced disease. In short it is a therapy based on high levels of fresh green juices and coffee enemas. I used this therapy along with gallbladder and liver flushes from The Cure for All Diseases by Hulda Clark. I also found a naturopath and had a thermography done. Ultimately gallstones are just the side effect of deeper problems and no way was I going to just ‘cut them out’ and pretend my problem was fixed.

I learned I had a very sluggish lymphatic system and didn’t detox well. This was later reinforced by genetic testing and discovering my homozygous status for C677T MTHFR gene. I started taking suggested supplements and using her RIFE system. I had read about RIFE during my cancer research and was ecstatic to learn I could try it out at her office. By that fall I was sold on the effectiveness of RIFE and in October of ’17 invested in my own system. I started regularly using the system, quarterly gb/liver flushes and Gerson therapy over the next 18 months.

Additionally, I quit drinking alcohol in August of 2017. Many factors went into this decision, my own health and watching my mother’s demise were big factors, but as a life long drinker I didn’t feel connected to who I truly was or could be as long as I had alcohol in my life. It was such a crutch in my life that kept me from being the best version of myself. I never slept through the night or truly ever detoxed the alcohol from my system until I finally quit. I have made the voluntary choice to stop poisoning my mind, body and spirit. Now almost 2 years sober, I sleep through the night, have no more obsessive thoughts/worries at 3am and have improved my overall day-to-day happiness. I didn’t and probably couldn’t realize what depressant effects alcohol was having on me until truly being free from it. Out of all the healing changes I implemented, this was hands down, the best decision I ever made.

By time I returned for my follow up thermography in October of 2018, I had many improvements. Thyroid issue was improved, high systemic viral load and inflammation was greatly reduced, lymphatic drainage was better, but not perfect. My ‘toxicity’ levels were high due to all the die-off from Rife therapy (which is normal when killing large amounts of pathogens quickly). Fatigue is a real side effect but support from Gerson therapy helped clear it faster and I rested as often as needed. Healing happens when we sleep and it’s important to respect when your body needs it!

After the 2nd thermography, I really felt that I was at a point of needing to fine tune the issues that were left. I made an appointment with an ElectoDermal Screening Technician. She was able to pinpoint exactly the remaining issues and I only used RIFE therapy to work on them. Three months later, I went in for a follow up scan and only 1 of the 5 issues remained. I decided to take a homeopathy tincture she tested on my body for the last issue.

During early spring of 2019 I decided that ElectroDermal Screening was such a valuable tool in my healing journey that I wanted to own and train on the device. Today I am a certified EDS technician. About the same time, I started reading the Medical Medium series of books. What an eye opening series into so many mystery illnesses. I immediately implemented celery juice and the heavy metal detox smoothie into my daily routine and have felt renewed energy and a clearer mind ever since. During my EDS training, I looked at several case studies including my own. Interestingly during an EDS allergy screening, I had several of the same food sensitives as were found in the blood screening five years earlier. Amazing technology!

After reading the MM series and collecting knowledge over the years about plant-based diets, I decided that I wanted to make one more large diet change and eliminate beef, chicken, pork and any products from these animals from my eating habits. I do consume fish and organic ground turkey on occasion. I have substantially increased my fruit intake and am no longer in ‘fruit fear’. What a wonderful blessing to have my eyes truly opened to such a rich, life-giving group of foods….FRUIT! A wonderful side effect from these diet changes has been healthy weight loss and excellent bowel health. MM discusses many herbs and their use as teas. I love herbal tea and have completed a certification as a master herbalist. In addition to morning celery juice, HMDS and herbal teas, I also consume 8-16 oz of fresh, vegetable/fruit juice in the afternoon. Not only does this curb my appetite until dinner time, but it gives me a healthy energy boost versus a caffeinated beverage.

Additional things that helped me along the way were regular chiropractic adjustments, emotion coding (emotional release), hot yoga, meditation, yin yoga, nidra yoga, vision boarding, life mapping and allowing myself to explore new spiritual guidance.

I hold a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Microbiology and a Master’s degree in Business from UTA. I studied dietetics and the culinary arts along the way. Since then I have obtained certifications as a Naturopath, ElectroDermal Screening Practitioner, a Certified Microcurrent Resonant Frequency (Rife) Therapist and Master Herbalist. I have spent extensive hours reading materials in subjects ranging a variety of holistic health topics. I am a lifelong learner and dedicated to the study of non-pharma drug/device related therapies as a first line measure to living in a disease free state. My goal is to share my compounded knowledge, educate you on various modalities for re-balancing your body, and empower you to trust your intuition and take back your health.

You learn in homeopathy that disease and imbalance are cleared from the top down, inside out and backwards in time. In the Medical Medium, he says that for every year of unhealthy living, it takes a month of healthy living to heal. The journey takes time and dedication, but if you are lost in your search for vitality, reach out to me. I am interested in working with like-minded, receptive people willing to do the hard work of moving ‘out of the box.’ Maybe that’s you? Request an complimentary phone call here.

Update as of Jan 2021. It has been almost a year since I closed my office in Dallas and moved to Hawaii. Part of this decision was out of a love for the island/desire to live here and in part to get out of a hectic city during the ‘pandemic’ and riots. Living in Hawaii these last months has shown me a slower pace of life that I love. There is a reconnection to the familial life and to Gaia. I have not yet re-formed a natural-healing base of practioners, but do feel that I’m far enough in my healing journey that I may just continue to self-care for now until I find the right people to support me. I continue to use my Rife machine weekly for preventative and supportive care, but otherwise have not experienced any health issues. My diet is not as strict as at previous times, but is still focused on local, whole foods and I am at 1,252 days of sobriety (still best decision I ever made!). I am working on meditating. It is a practice I’m challenged by and need to be better at incorporating DAILY.

Update as of Feb 2023. I am thankful that I didn’t delete or amend previous posts as it’s good to reflect on all the holistic practices I have tried. While I am still in Hawaii, I have turned my home into quite the homestead and prepper’s paradise. I vigorously work to create as much of what we consume from scratch. I have a work space of all kinds of bubbling, fermenting creations. I have active soil and hydroponic gardens. I planted several fruit trees when we moved in two years ago that are much closer to producing food now. I buy grass-fed, locally raised meat twice a year with a friend when we go ‘in on a cow together.’ I buy raw milk from another friend’s dairy farm which I make butter and yogurt from. I own chickens and several quail all of which provide me daily with pure organically raised eggs. Which brings me to a topic. The Medical Medium. While I think many of his recipes are valuable, his advice is tainted for me when he says ‘Eggs feed viruses’. Research now shows the protective abilities of IgYs antibodies found in egg yolks. These block the binding of SARS-CoV-2 to human ACE2 (PMCID: PMC7608017). Therefore, while you may find me mention him in previous posts, I am not an active follower of his advice. I have found good people here in Hawaii, that know how to live off the land, that care conservatively for themselves and their families and that also love to produce goods and trade. I have also renounced all works of new ageism in my life and wholeheartedly returned myself to Jesus. I had some healing work that involved casting out demons done on old pains that still ailed me and found great relief. I also cried out to Jesus to show me what I needed to see to further my healing and found the Joe Tippens and Sharkman protocols. These protocols brought me leaps and bounds in reducing my pain and issues too. I believe these protocols have both helped me because their focus is on reducing parasites. While I have used both Fenbendazole and Ivermectin plus supplements, I did not use the suggested antibiotics. I believe many other natural antibiotics are just as effective without the damage and side effects. I have linked the reformed protocols that I used on my resource page.

I urge you to clean-up and simplify your life, repent your sins and follow Jesus. He and he alone is the ultimate physician.


Natalie Prescott is not a licensed medical doctor and is not licensed or credentialed by the Texas or Hawaii Medical Board, nor does she choose to be based on her personal and professional beliefs regarding natural healing modalities. Natalie Prescott in no way provides procedures, services, labs, or treatments which should be perceived as recommendations made by a license, medical healthcare provider. Natalie Prescott believes that Jesus Christ provides within our bodies the perfect signatures for healing. It is her call/desire to help individuals clear the pathways that block healing and create disharmony by utilizing frequency and food to heal. The information and resources presented on this site are not intended to replace the care of a licensed health professional. While the ideas presented here are based on first hand experiences and extensive research, they are not intended to provide specific advice for any individual person’s medical concerns. The resources on this site are for educational purposes; it is recommended that each individual choose a trusted health care professional for diagnosis and treatment purposes. The author of this site encourages visitors to educate themselves about the various theories and treatment approaches for health care issues, so that the safest, most effective approach can be identified.

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