Natalie Prescott

I am a functional wellness educator and consultant using my education in Microbiology and Business as well as my training as a Naturopath, a ElectroDermal Screening Practitioner, a Microcurrent Resonant Frequency (Rife) Technician and Master Herbalist to bring you comprehensive education on holistic healing and wellness. Through my own personal experience, education and on going certifications, my goal is to share my compounded knowledge, educate you on various modalities for re-balancing your body, and empower you to trust your intuition and take back your health. I am a lifelong learner and dedicated to the study of non-pharma drug/device related therapies as a first line measure to living in a dis-ease free state.

If you are interested my healing story, please read Journey Back to Vitality.

To get started, visit my New Client area or send me a message to request a complimentary phone call. Once you have submitted your new client paperwork, I will get you on my schedule for an appointment. Typically we start with an electrodermal screening appointment, but should you have a known issue you wish to address, we can jump into education on a variety of modalities.

“In times of pervasive deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

                                                                                                                           -George Orwell


Natalie Prescott is not a licensed medical doctor and is not licensed or credentialed by the Texas or Hawaii Medical Board, nor does she choose to be based on her personal and professional beliefs regarding natural healing modalities. Natalie Prescott in no way provides procedures, services, labs, or treatments which should be perceived as recommendations made by a license, medical healthcare provider. Natalie Prescott believes that Jesus Christ provides within our bodies the perfect signatures for healing. It is her call/desire to help individuals clear the pathways that block healing and create disharmony by utilizing frequency and food to heal. The information and resources presented on this site are not intended to replace the care of a licensed health professional. While the ideas presented here are based on first hand experiences and extensive research, they are not intended to provide specific advice for any individual person’s medical concerns. The resources on this site are for educational purposes; it is recommended that each individual choose a trusted health care professional for diagnosis and treatment purposes. The author of this site encourages visitors to educate themselves about the various theories and treatment approaches for health care issues, so that the safest, most effective approach can be identified.

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