Where it all started for me, GMO OMG:

Understanding Body Frequency:

Ready to own a Rife machine? Let them know ‘Natalie Prescott’ referred you and I’ll be happy to support your set-up or questions over zoom or phone.

Juicing Support:

Juicing Recipes: Recipes by Tracee Sloan, Juicing and Pulp Recipes.

What IS homeopathy? Joette Calabrese

WHAT are you putting in your body? Medical devices go through even LESS testing than pharmaceuticals: Documentary,

Have Breast Implants AND Health Issues? You MUST read here:

Cancer Documentary Series:

For Profit Cancer?

Cancer and Advanced Disease Nutritional Therapy Support Center based on the Gerson Therapy Book:

For a ‘what I need to buy’ list and ‘how-to’ for: Coffee Enemas.

Looking for Alternative Treatments for Cancer? Start here:

How cancer and frequency generators work together:

Cancer diet suggestions:

Test the Cancer Level in the Body:

Start here to research vaccine safety for yourself: Vaccine Safety Manual OR just ask your Pharmacist for the ‘vaccine manufacturer insert’ that comes in the vaccine box and read the side effects for yourself. (Do not accept the 1 page handout printed by the pharmacist.)

Vaccine Documentary Series:

MMR & Vaccine Injured Speak out:

Jason Chirstoff, is a ‘no sugar coating’, health, fitness & wellness advocate. His blog is full of straight talking articles:

Straight talking truths about your beloved glass of wine. Alcohol and Spirits. Why you too may want to quit for good! Don’t give up control.

North TX, USA; Local Resources for Alternative Practitioners:

Healing PEMF, Negative Ion, FIR, Photon Amythest Mat: EREADA or AMAZON

My personal protocols: (for adults)

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